Wednesday, December 11, 2019


On December 10th, 1950 my sweetheart and I were married. So, yesterday would have been our 69th wedding anniversary.

In another month I will be having another anniversary. This one not a happy one. It will mark 9 years since his passing.

I know that some of you are widows. And, you know what I am talking about. The pain does get a little less but it never goes away. As I posted a picture of us on facebook yesterday, I started to cry. Crying is good. It releases all those buried emotions, the ones you keep shoving back down deep inside. It cleanses the soul.

All I have are memories now. And, of course, my kiddos. Grown now... dang, most of them are getting old. Well, old like I used to think people of 50 or 60 was! Oh, wait a minute... all my kids are in their 60s now, no 50s. Not so much now as I am half way through my 80s. And, I don't consider myself old. Well, at least some days.

I never thought I'd be left alone at the end of my life. I always thought that we'd be like the picture below, two old people sitting on our porch just enjoying being together. And, yes, there would be flowers. Elbert got me a few florist flowers over the years but what I cherish and remember most is that, as he would stroll over our farm early in the spring, he'd often bring me one tiny little bluette blossom held so gingerly between his fingers. I'd find my thimble and put a little water in it and place it on my kitchen window sill. And, once he handed me a dried, curled up leaf... nestled inside was a wild violet that he had dug up down in the woods. Those things I remember.

If I had one piece of advice to all you who are lucky enough to still have your sweethearts with you, it would be "Enjoy every day. Enjoy the little things. And, be very careful about what you pick to argue over. Some things are so petty and can do so much damage. Love one another and show it."


  1. Wow! This post really pulled at my heartstrings dear Latane! You expressed so much that I too think about while I still have my sweetheart - and I look at my front porch and hope we'll be sitting out there for a lot longer, God willing! However, the years are flying by for us too, another one almost for the history books very soon.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely memories - especially of the little floral gifts Elbert brought you - they brought a tear to my eye.
    Take care of yourself, know you are lucky that you do at least have a caring family who do fun things with you, and they obviously love their mom very much.

    Yes, "ENJOY EVERY MOMENT" especially over the holidays.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. I too am alone these past years. My hubby passed twelve years ago. But I do have my little doggie, and I am so thankful for all my children. I am just eighty, but my children are all in their upper fifties and low sixties. The upside is that I have lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Now I'm hoping to be here long enough to see a few great greats. You and I are Blessed. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. What a beautiful photo. I hope it is somewhere where you can see it everyday.

  4. I love the memory you shared about the bluette -- that's simply lovely and so perfect. I thought about you and others when I wrote my post about grieving at the holidays last week (it's one or two down from the top of my blog if you're interested or know anyone who might be). The loss doesn't end in one year or two or three. We just begin to adjust and then something comes along and we're back there again. I'm not a widow but I've lost many loved ones and know the challenge at the holidays. Especially during those anniversaries. Sending love and hugs to wrap you this season.

  5. A beautifully written post. God bless you as you remember your husband on your anniversary. Such sweet memories of the flowers he lovingly gifted you over the years. I know holidays are bittersweet missing him. Sending hugs and love.

  6. What a sweet post and VERY good advice! Sending a big 'ole hug across the miles this morning!


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