Thursday, December 19, 2019

Greenbrier - I Could Get Used To This!

I am home!
            What a trip!
                    Wish you all could have been with me!

However, since you weren't I will take you along with me through blogging. If you are a facebook friend you might want to skip this. They're pretty much alike.

I had heard of the Greenbrier ever since we moved to Virginia 20 years ago. And, that place has been calling my name ever since. I finally got the opportunity to go when Royal Tours (who I go places with) had a Christmas trip planned for there.

I could not believe my eyes when we pull up to the entrance. We unload and there is this cutest little elderly doorman with a smile on his face and a hand stretched out greeting each and every one of us. His name is Frank and he has been greeting guests there for over 65 years! 

The Main Lobby is up a short set of steps and it takes my breath away. So beautiful. I know this is my 'spot'. I am here to relax, read, eat and enjoy a lifestyle I probably won't get to experience but once or twice in my life. I am working on upping that number, by the way. I sort of like this!!

My room .... isn't it just lovely. My kind of room.  But, I don't stay in it but very little since there is so much to see outside my room.

When it starts getting dark I head outside to see the large Christmas tree. They do just like Rockefeller Center and choose a tree, cut it down and use it in for display. I would have thought they'd grow their own but no, not this one.

There are over 100 decorated Christmas trees on site
not counting all the other lighted trees, figures etc. 

Dinner Time

So many restaurants to choose from! What's a girl gonna do. I just sort of eeny-meeny-miney-moe it and chose Drapers. Dorothy Draper was the interior decorator who decorated the Greenbrier. She loved bright colors, cabbage roses, bold stripes and black and white checkered floors. It's evident in every twist and turn you make in the place.

Dorothy was born in 1889 and was a well-known decorator working on major hotel and other large projects until her death in 1969. 

I ordered peach tea which came with a little pot of sugar syrup to sweeten it with.
Now, why didn't I think of that?
Would save trying to dissolve those sugar granules in the bottom of your glass! 

The banquette across the table from me has Dorothy's cabbage roses on the fabric. And, a signature single rose bud which I find on each table in the restaurants I go to.
Can you imagine buy that many roses every couple/three days?

The menu is varied and lots of dishes catch my eye! But, being a southern girl I could not turn down the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich.

Imagine, if you can, fried green tomatoes on a bun that is slathered with black-pepper mayo then topped with barbequed bacon, gruyere cheese, carmelized red onion and baby spinach!
I am in heaven!! 

Rather satisfied....
I wander around a bit and then head off to bed. 

That was Day One. 


  1. I could enjoy that kind of luxury.

  2. What an adventure.....cant wait for the next day.

  3. Oh my, how beautiful! Everything is so spacious and gorgeous! I can't wait to see more photos. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. It is so lovely. I walked through a bit of it 30 some years ago, and in the summer. You would love Bedford Springs Hotel | Bedford Springs Resort | Official Site‎ - same style and luxury, and Christmas is glorious there!

  5. The entry lobby is outstanding. I can see how you could quickly get used to living like this.

  6. Wow! I would just be walking around with my mouth hanging open!

  7. Its like a fairy tale, that bed room was great
    Hope we get to see more

  8. Lovely trip. I was raised in WV and left for 30 years-returned for 18. Have visited 46 states and England twice--never the Greenbrier-at one time lived 45 minutes away! Glad you are enjoying it!!! Heard the food is good! I live elsewhere now and so much to see!! Glad your trip was fun!

  9. What a divine trip to take at this busy time of the year. The decor is gorgeous and the food looks wonderful. Can't wait to read more!

  10. So that is how the 1% lives? Wow, would be fun to do for at least a little while.

  11. I may have to ask this for Christmas next year!

  12. I MUST go there sometime! Looks like a beautiful place! I am a bit behind reading blogs, trying to catch up:) HUGS!

  13. What a great gift for yourself!

  14. What a fabulous getaway you took yourself on, Latane, and even more special at the holiday season, I really liked seeing the Christmas tree(s). I'm looking forward to reading more about this trip!


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