Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Music and Muffins

                           I love all the activities we have at our disposal at our apartment complex.

       Yesterday we had "Name That Tune". It was fun. The theme..... 1960s television show themes.

A brief portion was played of each tune and we had a sheet with 3 choices for each tune. We circled which one we thought it was. I must have watched a lot of tv back in the '60s 'cause I only missed 2.
If you are curious about what I missed... click on the picture to enlarge it. I put an X on the missed ones.

             If you don't give a hoot.. that's fine. I'm not sure I'd be all that interested either. 😀

Before I left for the Name That Tune get-together, I decided I had better stop procrastinating and finally bake up the rest of the cranberries I had left over from my Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. It's amazing how long those little buggars will last in the frig!

The recipe didn't call for baking powder and I think that was a mistake 'cause they were a bit heavy and didn't rise like they should. But, they were sure tasty. I ate 3!!! Good Grief!! But, like I said, they weren't very big. hehe.

                           I drizzled them with glaze. Makes for a pretty and yummy muffin.

                                                    I think I will go have me another one!


  1. YUM, I love cranberries! Those look delicious! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Oops! Had to make a correction in my comment -
    I remember most of those TV shows, but I am not sure I would recognize the theme songs. Congratulations to you!
    Beautiful muffins!

  3. I couldn't make out what the X was on, but I love Name That Tune games. I love music. Those muffins look super yummy. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Cranberry muffins are a favorite and those look amazing. Glad I just had lunch or I'd be hungry.

  5. While glancing at your game list some of those old tunes started playing in my head (now listen to my story 'bout a men named Jed...} Ha! I have a bag of cranberries in my fridge that needs using up to. Muffins might soon be on the menu. Yours look yummy and so pretty by the poinsettia.

  6. *man* named Jed. The poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed :).

  7. We get cranberry/blueberry muffins fresh from our Central Market on occasion. They are really good!
    And glad you are enjoying the activities!

  8. I think I'd be pretty good at "name that tune!" Such a pretty photo of your muffins on the table.

  9. I would be useless at 'Name that Tune'. I might recognise the music but could never remember the title of the song. Your muffins look delicious.


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