Monday, March 29, 2021

In Search Of Spring!

 I awoke to the sound of thunder and bright flashes of lightning on Sunday morning.

Guess Shirley and my late breakfast plans just flew out the window. 

                                                  The weather did clear up. 

We had a nice early lunch at Panera Bread. Catching up on the latest with the two of us. 

                                     Then we set off in search of some signs of spring. 

Neither of us had our cameras! When will We ever learn to not leave the house without them!!!

                               Cell phones sufficed. Here is a portion of what Shirley took.

I sat in the car. We were on some pretty uneven ground and at my age, I can't trust my feet on unevenness. 

                                                     BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY

The tulip that Grandson Chris had given me is bringing me great joy these days.
Just look how pretty it is!


  1. Always good for you to get out with your daughter. We had lightning in my corner over the weekend, too.

  2. I really enjoyed these photos! You have a good eye for composition.

  3. Lovely photos! I quit carrying a camera and just use my phone now. I am getting lazy in my dotage. lol. xo Diana

  4. The pictures are lovely, I especially love the tulip magnolia. I enjoyed lunches at Panera Bread also!

  5. Beautiful! I love seeing new blooms popping open and the green leaves on the trees. SPRING never disappoints. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Your photos are just full of the joys of Spring. A wonderful season.

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  8. Happy Easter Latane! Thank you for sharing the spring photos in your blog. It's too early for spring flowers here but maybe within the next month or two. I just bought a pot of yellow tulips from Aldi a few days ago and they bring me joy whenever I look at them.

  9. Happy Easter. How fun for you and your daughter to have an outing together.


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