Monday, March 22, 2021

Lobsters On The Loose


So much of my life now is encased in memories. With the pandemic and not having social outings to look forward to that has helped put me in this frame of mind. And, too, I am going through all my pictures (and believe me they count in the thousands and thousands) making sure each is identified, dated, etc. 

So, memories flood my mind. 

Like the time a big box was delivered at our door. Susan had said 'open it right away'.

Well, there was something live in there!!!! I could hear the scratching and crawling around. 

                                     Box said Maine Lobsters

I was not going to open that box and have lobsters crawling out and running all over the place. I'm scared of crawly things. 

Luckily we had recently moved next door to Shirley and John. I picked up the telephone and yelled,

                        'Help... I need Chris to come open this box'. 

So, grandson Chris came running. He wasn't a scaried cat like his grandmother! 

So, here we are with lobsters, live ones! And, I am supposed to do something with them. But, What!!!

Chris is an excellent cook so he got the job as chef. Shirley and John brought over some steak. With Chris manning the stove, we all had a wonderful surf and turf dinner that night. 

We've never gotten another gift like that... thank goodness! Chris doesn't live next door anymore.  


  1. Hahahaha...that box made for some excitement. 🦞

  2. Sounds like a wonderful dinner..Even the helpers made out!!

  3. I love lobster but I don't think I would like a live one to arrive on my doorstep.

  4. When living in New England our favorite thing to do was drive to Maine for the lobster and clambakes after spending a day at the beach. I only bought one to cook at home. I cried - as did the lovely lobster - when I dropped it in the boiling water and I swore I'd NEVER do that again, and I haven't!

  5. Oh my goodness, I would have passed out:) BUT... I bet it was really yummy. I have also been going thru old pictures. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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