Sunday, April 11, 2021

Washing That Pollen Away

 It came a big rain the other afternoon! 

I am always amazed at all the water that comes rushing out of the drainpipes and floods into our pond. And, with it comes trash!! I do wish people wouldn't throw trash down. But, with the water and the trash, there was a ton of yellow pine pollen washing into the pond as well. Gotta be happy about that. 

So I grabbed my camera and dashed out on the balcony to snap a few pictures. Got a little soaked! But, that was refreshing! 

Just look at all that pollen. The birds don't seem to care.

Maybe these mallards thought all that pollen was the gold at the end of the rainbow!

I'll swear I thought this looked more like an oil painting than a photograph! 

Some of you may remember that my daughter had a blog sometime back where she featured the lunch outings that she and I took and the fun we got into. With Covid that stopped. But, we got out the other day. I sure hope you will hop over Here and see what we have been up to. Be sure to bookmark her as we have plans to do that much more in the future. 


  1. These are gorgeous photos, full of lots of colour!

  2. Your photos are great. I took a long walk yesterday and got soaked, but so enjoyed spending time with my college roommate. I'll be over to visit your daughter's blog.

  3. Your link to lunch blog didn't work!

    1. Sorry about that Marcia... just a little boo-boo in my typing. I fixed it. Hope you get to see it. Enjoy.

  4. looks like you live in a very beautiful place.


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