Friday, March 12, 2021

I Love Paris..... in the Springtime.

 I knew that I needed to get rid of some of my 'old fashioned stuff' and get more up to date. Shirley said to me, 'Mom, I know you miss Paris and you can't go so why don't you bring a little bit of Paris into your living room?'

Well, that did it!! I have begun making some changes. Still have more to do. 

                Before                                                 After


I've always wanted something sitting on the floor by my tv console. The sliding glass doors are there and it just needed something....                                                    Here's what I chose. 

I used to have a heavy, dark color fruit painting over my couch. Then I brought in a Kinkade painting that just didn't do anything. Too blue/gray, cold, wintery look. 

This, when it is framed, is gonna brighten up that spot.

It reminds me of what I love about Paris. The sidewalk cafes, the flower vendors along the sidewalk, Now if I could just add a musican to play some French music.

Hey. All I gotta do is say 'Alexa' play some French music and I've got it. 



  1. I love Paris too, like you said, the sidewalks, cafes, crepe and roast chestnut vendors, plus the cathedrals and museums of course. That is a brilliant idea to add Parisian touches to your living room; the lavender in a basket is pretty.

  2. We visited Paris, in 1990, for 8 days, and had a lovely time. Made better by the fact that I Net-knew people there.

    One woman met with us, giving us tips. And a young man, I Net-knew, met with us 3 times, and took us to "the Real Paris," which he knew, I wanted to see. -smile-

    The weather was superb and all in all, we had a lovely time.

    We have no desire to return, now that terrorists have invaded. But we have our memories.

    Your daughter gave you wonderful advice. -smile-

    Gentle hugs~~

  3. That looks nice and fresh. I like to imagine April in Paris. I would have liked to have visited in an earlier decade; not this one. I enjoy watching the French vlogs that share the French countryside.

  4. Having visit Paris many times, and in all seasons, Spring is definitely a beautiful time of year. My brother lives in the south of France which is also fabulous - in fact I don't think there's a bad place anywhere in the country!
    Vive la France!
    Your room looks very cozy - enjoy.

  5. I like the changes you are making. That painting is perfect a constant reminder of sunny Parisian days.

  6. Beautiful! Great idea to change things up and I love what you did. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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