Saturday, January 23, 2021

I Got My Vaccine Shot!

 Well, I up and did it! 

I got my first Covid vaccine shot this morning. 

Now, I move to further protect myself and hopefully do my part in putting an end to this awful thing! 


  1. We got our first one this morning, too!! The hospital called us yesterday morning for Louis Dean. He has told me all along that he would NOT take the vaccine. Then when it was offered to him, he changed his mind. I was no on the list yet but when he went this morning, a nurse brought him back to the car where I was waiting and said they could give me one, too, as his care giver! That offended him somewhat! Hahahaha! But we both got our first dose. My arm started hurting right away but Louis Dean hasn't felt the least little bit of discomfort!
    They say the second shot makes you sick. That will happen February 13th. We will probably lay low on Valentine's Day but we will be together!

  2. Good for you! There are far too many antivaxxers out there.

  3. We got ours on Thursday! Yeah for getting yours! I look forward to my 2nd dose and will keep doing my part to stay clear of this stinking virus. I know SO many sick from it right now. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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