Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Snack, Anyone?

 It's an old dreary day today. They (they being the weathermen) say that we may have some snow tomorrow night or Thursday morning. 

I got my hair done today so I am good. No need to go outside in bad weather. 

Had some groceries delivered. Man, did I treat myself! Don't know what I was thinking! 

I got some garlic/herb spreadable cheese that I just love on my crackers. And, I got a small tub of guacamole... with a bag of chips to dip it with. 

My kids worry about me eating right but they shouldn't. Every woman is entitled to a bit of a snack ever now and then, don't you think?  

Oh, and speaking of food! I saw this cake on Instagram today and I swear, my mouth started watering and hasn't stopped. I could SO eat that whole thing! 

                       What's your favorite cake? 


  1. Hi Latane, it’s been a long time since I’ve stopped in for a blog visit and comment, so I decided it was way past time. Thanks for your comment on my vaccine registration post and glad you already had the 1st one. Reading the comments, it seems so many states are less organized than here in NH and hopefully people who want to get it will in time. Then, there are those who say they do not plan to get vaccinated, which is also a scary thought.
    Belated birthday congrats (I read thru many older posts here) and glad your holidays were nice. We missed seeing any family or friends except by way of online videos (sigh). Also enjoyed your New Years post for its very positive outlook, which we all need so much now.
    Yes, you deserve a snack treat so go for it, Latane! And drop in for a blog visit anytime, the more the merrier 😀

  2. We got your snow this morning. It was pretty coming down but quit at about an inch and a half. Oh well, still pretty.
    Not a cake person. Love pie though, Lemon Meringue to be exact.

  3. YUM, we have to treat ourselves! I do it too:) That cake looks SO delicious and I could eat the whole thing. I love red velvet, German chocolate and plain old pound cake:) I am hungry for cake now, thanks for that:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Lucky you getting your hair done - our hair salons are still closed and I badly need a cut. That cake does look delicious!


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