Saturday, January 9, 2021

Happy Birthday to Me!

                                                  I had a birthday Wednesday! 

Yep, getting older by the minute. But, I can't tell today that I am any older than I was last week so there.....

                                                         It was #87 for me. 

My Lordy, where in the world has the time gone? Can anybody answer that $64,000 question! 

As I fixed my cereal I sang Happy Birthday to myself and later on I asked Alexa to sing it for me and she did.... I had other renditions from others as well. 

I got lots of facebook birthday wishes, cards, calls, flowers, gifts and other ways people helped me celebrate. I am so thankful for all of that. 

Shirley came down, picked me up and we headed to Franklin to try out a new restaurant/taproom called Serve. We took some new roads getting there and coming back so I got to see some new countryside. That was nice, considering we all have been staring at the four walls for months now. 

            Our lunch was great. We both ordered the brisket sandwich.

When told that it was my birthday, the waiter asked if I'd like a drink with my lunch. I said no. It was noon, even too early for a drinker which I am not. But, here he comes with a small glass with this concoction in it and Oh, My, it was heavenly

I'd never heard of peanut butter whiskey before but that was what it was - with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur mixed it in and topped with whipped cream! I gotta find an excuse to go back there .... and not too far in the future either. Let's see.... Valentine's day is coming up.... 


  1. Belated Happy birthday! I had a birthday on Monday, the 4th. It was quietly celebrated here on the Island but I felt love from family and friends with cards and gifts. I am now 71 but I hope I have your vim when I'm 87! (God willing!) Have a great week!💖

  2. Belated Happy Birthday. You certainly make 87 look easy and you wear it amazingly well. I don't even drink and that drink sounded marvelous. Keep staying safe and well.

  3. What a wonderful birthday celebration. 87 sure looks good on you dear friend! I would like to try that drink, sounds yummilicious and that sandwich OH MY! Time flies right by and we just have to snatch some fun when we can. Happy Birthday and New Year ahead! HUGS!

  4. Happy birthday!!!!! We haven't been able to eat out since last April!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday dear Latane - and yes, you are the best looking put together lady of anyone your age! I've 10 years to catch up with you and hope I can make it!
    So happy Shirley was able to actually take you to a restaurant for lunch - looked like a fun time.

    Many happy returns my dear.
    Mary x

  6. Belated birthday greetings, you look very well and glamorous for 87 if I may say so, Willie Latane! By the way, what do people mainly call you, Willie or Latane? Both names are unusual to me in the UK, Willie of course being a man's name, but Latane I've never heard of before. I like the look of that drink, but I don't think you can beat an ice cold (and I mean ice cold) G&T, with quality gin and quality tonic, and a slice of fresh lemon. Delicious.
    How are things where you are re Covid? I hope you are all mask-wearing and social-distancing. We are in strict Lockdown here in the UK and we think that even more strict measures will be brought in before long as the death toll is now over 80,000 and our hospitals are being overwhelmed. We are abiding by the rules and not going out and if we go for a walk in the future, it will be just around the block and not using our car to go anywhere. All shopping is done online (thankfully so far we've been able to do this). Indeed, we are shielding, but we hope that we will be safer once we've had our vaccination although no one yet knows whether this will prevent us passing on the virus even if we aren't made ill by it ourselves. We take it extremely seriously, my husband's brother and sister in law died from Covid in April, we know this is serious. So no takeaways, no queuing for a carton of coffee anywhere (even if anywhere is open!) We all need to up our game against the pandemic. We've not been in a cafe or restaurant since last January, a year ago.
    Margaret P

  7. Happy Birthday. I loved the bit about you singing to yourself.

  8. Happy Birthday, Latane! You are the most beautiful 87 year old I know (I do know a few)!

    So glad that you got out and about. That's important!

  9. My gosh Latane... you looked absolutely lovely for your Birthday lunch with Shirley!


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