Sunday, January 24, 2021

I Am Ready For Change

 I don't know what that vaccine did to me yesterday! Maybe it filled me with hope and plans for a future that doesn't include the virus

I got up this morning in a wonderful mood and filled with ideas of change. After living in this apartment for nearly 7 years I have decided to change some of the decor around here. Liven the place up. That's a challenge since I can't go out shopping, but there is always the internet. 

I am happy with my big pieces of furniture. Besides, I would not go through moving all that heavy stuff again for anything. But, there is a lot I can do. It will be slow. I want to be sure about what I like and what I don't. Are you like that? Do you know immediately what you like or do you waffle like me? 

I will keep you posted on any changes I make. They will be small so don't expect a WOW moment with it all over and done with. That would take the fun out of it, the chase out of it. 

I am so ready for change. This will definately put a spark in my dreary life. 

And, on another note:

My amaryllis is blooming. It has 5 buds, this is the first to open.


  1. Change is the only constant there is and we are wise to welcome it! I am like you, I'm looking at things and thinking, "Do I really like this???" I keep so much simply because I remember who gave me a certain thing or the happy time when I bought a certain something. Im filling my car trunk full every month hauling debris to Goodwill. I like the new updated cleaner look.....but I will never be a minimalist! I will always have a lot of debris! Just newer, cleaner and prettier debris!!

  2. Sounds great
    I have moved 30 times..moving to Florida near other family after vaccines.. I dislike a minimalist...just think it makes the place look not great. Love your blog
    My second vaccine in two weeks
    Wish people had isolated and wouldn’t be in this mess. However light and peace going on now. Keep writing...

  3. Wow if that is a side effect of the shot, can't wait to get mine.
    I think I know right away what I like but sometimes when it is place, I wish I had waffled:) Have fun.

  4. Hi Latane, I just signed up for the vaccine lottery in my state today. They just started giving the vaccine to 65 and over age group last Tuesday and online site/phone was opened for first time registration. I wasn't able to register as online/phone sites were overwhelmed and only opened until all appointment slots were filled. This Tuesday, they decided they'd open as a lottery so anyone 65 and over could register during 24 hour period and just wait for phone call when they've been selected. Only 9 sites in state will be offering it at this time. I am hopeful that I will be called soon:) I hope I feel as good as you once I receive the vaccine. ha!


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