Thursday, May 28, 2020

Who Stole The Snapdragons?

It's not as if having to stay at home was not enough, I got a serious sinus infection on top of it all. I am just about ready to scream!

I am better, thank the good Lord for that. But, still fighting the pain in the left side of my face.

Okay, I'm whining....

So get over it!  It could be worse!

So, on to other things. My daughter came down to bring me some meds the other day and she suggested we go get some Mexican. I assumed we would just go through the drive-through and pick up my favorite chalupa.

But, no... she went to the nearby Mexican restaurant, poked her head in the door to check it out and signaled for me to follow. There was only one couple sitting on one side of the place and we sat on the other. I hadn't been in any kind of business establishment since the first week of March. Boy, that food was good. It felt so great to sit down and eat something someone else had prepared.

Shirley's been very protective of me. Won't let me be near people  Strongly suggests that I stay away from people. She says it's because I'm more high risk "at my age". AT MY AGE... I even say that a lot but I am tiring of that phase. We all are "AT AN AGE"... regardless of what that is.

I don't know what to make of the landscapers. Even though the snapdragons were still in full bloom, they pulled them all up preparing to put different flowers in the beds. Gee, I wish they had told us they were going to do that so we all could have cut ourselves a bouquet before they were gone. They were so pretty.

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  1. I'm glad your daughter is protective of you. Our kids too. No one comes near us... not even the grandkids or the kids. They call, text, Skype, etc. but no contact. Of course with DH's radiation, it's understandable. I really wonder how long this will last... and have a feeling it's not going to end any time soon. Do take care!

  2. I'm glad you are taking all the precautions...we are too! The flowers were beautiful!

  3. Same thing with my daughter, I know it's because she loves me so I just try to be a good girl and follow her suggestions.

    BTW I'm enjoying your Midway adventure.

  4. I too am protective of my mom who is 82, I am throughly enjoying your Midway Adventure!

  5. Oh my,but you've had a time. Hoping you feeling much better soon, as I know how awful sinus infections can be. As for your snapdragons! I'm so sorry!! I do love them and they so brighten up a garden. Have a grand weekend!

  6. Nice that your daughter treated you to lunch out and glad the restaurant was open, Outs are only doing outside dining and take-out. If we get some rainy days, business won't be do good. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Oh I hope you feel better, those sinus infections are not fun. So happy you were able to get some good food. I am looking forward to going to a local Mexican restaurant soon, love the chips/salsa/cheese dip:) Enjoy your day and weekend, HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!


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