Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I Spend Time Watching Birds

                                            I am about to freeze this morning! 

and I refuse to turn on the heat in May, for gosh sakes. It's been getting down into the 30s  at night lately. I am ready to wear some of those summer clothes I dragged out one day when it was rather warm. 

As you know, I love where I live. I have the best view from my apartment than anyone else here. 

I see all sorts of things. I watch the geese. They are getting rather chummy (people are feeding them) so if you go out to the picnic table those little buggars will come up expecting some food. 

I still have a variety of birds to watch. I am selfish... I know as long as I feed them, they will come. So, I keep feeding them. The Downy woodpecker is a daily visitor, most days several times. He's one hungry bird. 

And, the brown thrasher comes as well as chickadees, wrens and a bunch of others. I can sit in my recliner in my living room and watch them through my balcony doors. It's fun. 

I've seen fox several times. The other day I just happened to have my camera out on the balcony with me and there was a fox strolling along next to the pond. 

Right now I am keeping eye on the osprey. I am thinking her egg has hatched since I saw both the Mama and the Papa flying around the other day. Can't wait for the youngster to start learning to fly. 

I am so tired of not finding a thing to watch on tv. So, I guess my 'down time' will be reading and watching the birds. I am reading a mystery right now. It's ok. My daughter was given a huge box full of James Patterson books. I've never read him so I will start on one of those soon as I get finished with the current book. 

What are you doing these 'stayhome' days? Hopefully things will be better soon. I did get an email from my beauty shop today. And, I have an appt. on June 2nd. Yippee. 


  1. Just finished reading Anne Tyler's newest book "Redhead by the Side of the Road". It was a quick read. Before that read "Once Upon a River" by Diane Setterfield. It's a great story. Look for it if you can. Also started cleaning out drawers in preparation for our move. Did the bathroom today. Dan did his yesterday. Must tackle my desk soon.

  2. I am trying to learn Spanish. I wonder if I will ever visit a Spanish speaking country so I can try out my limited vocabulary!

  3. Wow! You do have an incredible view from your apartment! We live down the street from a duck pond and we have certainly missed being able to go see the ducks and geese. You've got some great wildlife pictures here! I've been reading quite a bit, but I mostly read non-fiction. I've really enjoyed doing puzzles on my ipad. I found an app for jigsaw puzzles and I do a few daily.

  4. The view from your apartment is amazing and I enjoy bird watching too. I am re-reading the Left Behind series but going to James Patterson next. I read, sit on porch, watch very little tv and enjoy the grands that I live with.

  5. I love your view and bird watching is a great way to pass the time! I have read a lot of James Patterson books and love them all. We have been having chilly mornings and warmer afternoons, this weekend it is supposed to in the upper 80s! YIKES, heater to air conditioner! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. There are a couple channels on TV that carry all the old programs and game shows. I watch them all the time. You do have a great view. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  7. These at home days goes faster than I realize and not from watching TV which I never do. I have been getting in contact with people through phone calls, emails, texts and writing notes and cards. I have also done some small home projects and a bit of reading. We live in a city and so walking downtown is always a nice break if only the weather here would warm up a bit. You are not alone in having chilly weather. It's been the same in Nashua NH and so windy too.

  8. You really do have a great view and a variety of birds. Loved the fox. How cool is that?
    I have read all 19 of James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series. Got hooked on the repeat characters. He has written a ton of books.

  9. Doing okay here. I don't go out a lot, but get in a walk every day and that goes a long way in keeping my spirits up. I'm always surprised when I look through the hundreds of channels I have access to and don't see a thing I want to watch. I remember growing up with three channels and never thinking that. When we first went into staying in I paid for Acorn, a channel that has English and Australian shows and that's been a nice change. I don't watch a lot, but several times a week I find a new series. Well worth the 6.00/month.

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