Monday, May 18, 2020

Laughing Their Heads Off...

My daughter Shirley invited me on a 'run-away'. Her daughter and son-in-law were going to be away for the weekend so we could have their house for an over-nighter. He's a doctor so we knew that they were being extra careful about this corona-virus stuff. So, we felt perfectly safe there.

We spent the daylight hours watching the laughing gulls on their inlet just off the Chesapeake Bay. We saw a bunch of other birds as well. 

We took pictures of wildflowers along the road and the beautiful flowers in her yard. 

We read.. I started my first ever book by James Patterson and that first day was halfway through it. 

We played Scrabble. She beat me. She almost always does. 

This post is about the birds.... 

                                                    First: The Laughing Gull

                                             The wind was ruffling their feathers.

Geese in flight

An egret

and a sweet little bluebird


  1. Sounds like a lovely get-a-way... and probably well needed. Enjoyed your pictures!

  2. Beautiful bird pictures! I know you enjoyed getting away! I love playing Scrabble, we always take that game on our family vacay! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. What a treat! Gulls are good entertainment and you got a wonderful change of scenery.

  4. What a lovely treat! Glad you are enjoying James Patterson, he is one of my favorite authors and as many books he has to his credit with no doubt more to come I won't live long enough to read them all :(

  5. I enjoy reading James Patterson books too. Glad you had a nice getaway and loved the pictures of the different birds.

  6. Nice get away you had. I love scrabble. when I have mom visits we always play. she is the one who got me playing very early on. she always wins. Glad to hear you are having fun and taking some beautiful wild life pictures, so pretty.

  7. How nice for you and your daughter to have that weekend get-away and to be able to relax and have fun together.

  8. What a lovely, lovely idea!


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