Sunday, September 3, 2023

Laughter is Good For the Soul.

 I've tried to keep up with technology the best that I can... however, that isn't saying much. I blog, do facebook, Instagram and have a YouTube channel. Not bad for an old lady! 

But, that's about all my little brain with absorb. I don't do tic-toc, twitter or snapchat. But, some of the most laughs I've ever gotten has been from watching myself and my kids being turned into all sort of funny characters. Was it Snapchat, that Susan was doing that on? I don't remember.

We were at the beach and Susan got out her phone. We were all sorts of crazy things as she clicked first this thing and then that. Michael (her brother) hadn't seen that app and he got to laughing so hard he lost his breath. I really thought we'd lost him there for a minute or two!!! 

911, help, my son is laughing himself to death!

So, this Sunday morning....

Have yourself a laugh...



  1. That is so much fun! I remember we did a video chat one time!

  2. Nothing quite like sharing a good laugh together. Yesterday while doing a little house project my husband was inside and my son outside. My husband yelled something that he needed from outside which sounded to me like "I need a Human Sacrifice". There I am alone in the kitchen killing myself laughing but they didn't know why. We shared a good laugh once I told them. Later my husband slashed his finger and it bled copiously for a while. As my son remarked, We didn't get the human sacrifice but blood was shed. GM

  3. That's a great video to watch when wanting remember the good times:)

  4. That is so fun! I'm glad you got a video of it.

  5. It won't play for me dang it!!
    But glad you had a good laugh!!

  6. Hahahaha My Grandkids to that to me too and it is always good to laugh:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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