Sunday, September 10, 2023

Drastic Changes Up AHead.

 I have been on a rampage lately!! Well, I wouldn't call it a rampage 'cause that denotes something vicious and damaging. Let's see... what word could I use... a mission, maybe... a new path, perhaps. 

The truth is I am sick to death of how I am right now. Not, who I am inside... I fought hard to get that! It's the looking the same ole, same ole, being satisfied to not be on top of my game as far as my appearance goes. 

I look in that closet and it is jammed full of stuff that neither matches or is so outdated. So, I end up wearing whatever! And, then there was that day I got caught in my pjs ...

So, I have plans to do some serious purging in that closet. 

On to another subject, but sort of related.

I tried out a new hairdresser this past week. I just turned her loose and let her do her thing. I have never had my hair this short before!! My girls are gonna kill me (they like it longer... but hey, it's my hair!) 

I love the ease of taking care of it.. I just wash, towel it semi-dry and then just flip up some curls (I do have naturally curly hair) with a brush. I could live with that!!! 

I did order me some new shoes and they are due to arrive Tuesday. My feet are so narrow and you just can't find narrow shoes sitting on shelves in stores anymore. I hope those new shoes work out fine. I'll let you know.

I am gonna be really UGLY right now. But, I saw this and just cracked up. I would so love it if a doc had the nerve to do this... and I could be a fly on the wall when the gal got home to her sweetie. Oh, the look on his face!! I laugh every time I think about it! Oh well, it doesn't take much these days to entertain me. haha. 


  1. I think you look great with shorter hair but I also liked your hair a bit longer. You always manage to look good. You're fortunate to have naturally curly hair.
    Good luck with purging your closet!!
    Granny M

  2. Your short hair certainly sounds easy to care for especially since you have a natural curl.
    Hope your new shoes fit and you like them and good luck with the purging of your closet.

  3. Ha! Love the squeaky toy meme.
    You look great! My hair is super straight and I'm jealous of your natural curls.

  4. Great new 'do'! That meme is hysterical.

  5. I like shorter hair and it really is so much easier to wash and dry. Looks very good on you too! I sure need to get some new outfits or wear some of the better clothes in my closet! lol Hugs!

  6. You look great! Anything that is easier has my vote.

  7. So impressed that you're still such a fashionista! I'm much younger than you, and hate cutting or styling my fine, straight hair. As for clothing, I count it as a win if it's clean, comfortable and fits! I couldn't care less if it's outdated. You always look great in the pictures you post, so you go girl!!!

  8. I like your new hair style, it is fun to make changes in our appearance from time to time. Funny about the squeaky toys.

  9. I love the new style! You look fabulous.

  10. Very nice! Sometimes you just have to try a new look to perk up life! andrea


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