Monday, September 25, 2023

Memories of a Move

                                                   Was it 24 years ago? Seems like yesterday! 

Our children had grown up and moved away, leaving me and Elbert alone on that 60 acre farm. We were getting older (Elbert was 69, I was 65), time to think about all the work of taking care of such a place, of missing out on so much of our grandchildren's lives. So, we packed up and moved closer to family. 

I can't say Elbert was too happy about the move. He thought he would be able to tend to all that acreage, the dozen cows, the dozens of fox hounds, make a garden, mow the grass ...

 he just couldn't see that his body and mind would fail him. Me... I was so ready to downsize, be closer to family. So, it was a tug-'o-war. 

The move was emotional, especially for the children who had grown up there. But, that move proved to be the best thing that could have happened. 

Within one years time Elbert was diagnosed with prostrate cancer (radiation for that). Then in another year I discovered I had colon cancer (surgery, chemo for that), then followed two total knee replacements for me and a diagnosis of Alzheimers for Elbert. That illness entailed 10 more years of constant care for him. We lost him in Jan 2011. 

Now, don't you tell me that God did not have a plan in place about our move. We never would have made it living so far away from our children during all that. I am so grateful for God's guidance when we needed it the most.  


  1. Your post made me think, Latane. We don't live on acreage, so that's not a problem... but we are both 78 and maintenance does get harder. 2 of our kids live fairly far away, but youngest son and his family are close... and oldest grandson lives with us. This all helps. Don't think I could ever get DH to downsize. He's happy here, so I guess we'll stay until it's apparent we can't. But looks like you made the right move at the right time.

  2. Yes God does seem to have a timing for everything. We moved here 2 1/2 years ago and it was hard going to get settled in I was 77 and my husband 71. The actually packing to move wasn't too bad but since here we've struggled to get those boxes unpacked. And we had to have a whole lot of things done, new bathroom, kitchen storage cupboards and a whole lot of other stuff. We are more or less straight and relaxing at last and we have met friends here, walk by the sea and feel happy. It was a wise plan and we thank God. Lovely to read your blog I've not reading blogs for a while.

  3. Oh my goodness, does this ever hit home!! We have lived on our acreage since 1976 and I no longer wanted to do the work. My hubby is 79 and was having a very difficult time doing it by himself but would not move. In January, he had a stroke and in June another stroke. He then realized he was unable to do the maintenance and, living on 2 + acres, hiring work was astronomical . We moved in August. Moving from a place you've lived in for nearly 50 years is hard....down sizing, packing, memories etc.. I love our new location. Hubby says he loves the house but wants to move to at least 1 acre.

  4. Oh I love this first image (1999) -- your daughter is stunning.
    This message resonates on so many levels. I thank God I insisted we leave the Land of Kitty Litter and Tom's family -- and relocate here, closer to my son and family. They may be small in number, but their support gives me such peace of mind.

  5. I'm so glad you listened to your heart and made the move when you did. We never know what the future holds for us.

  6. It always amazes me how we go back and forth on decisions we make and then find out that it was what God had planned for us all along.

  7. You made all the right decisions. It broke our heart selling our cottage. I know my daughter still misses it, but we see them much more frequently living an hour away from them. Hugs.

  8. God is good, and it's clear you were rightly led to move, sad as it was. I think we women are more perceptive to those types of promptings:). We are not spring chickens ourselves, at 58 and 61, still live in our huge house with four of our sixteen kids. There are eight bedrooms, on 2 1/2 acres, so in a few years we will have to make that decision. We're talking with a few of our older daughters about building a big one level house with just a few rooms for Paul and I...being close to family is essential. Thank you for writing, Latane, I always enjoy my visits here. Have a really good day.

  9. How amazing how things turned out for the best. I'm so glad you moved when you did even if it was hard to leave the old place. Blessings, GM


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