Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 I did not want to let Thanksgiving go by without telling each of you how thankful I am for your friendship. I miss you. 

A lot has happened since my last post. It took awhile but I think I have finally come to terms with this 'getting older' thing. It was tough. My husband always said that when his time came he would accept the Lord's wishes. But me.... I announced to anyone who would listen that this old girl would leave this world kicking and screaming. 

And, I pretty much am doing that.

I finished doing a revised edition to a book that I wrote way back in 1991. Do you realize that was 30 years ago? Holy ..... You know what I mean. I had said I'd never do it. But, my daughter kept pushing for me to upgrade that book. (It's a history of a town in Alabama).  I think she needed a project and she hopped onto my bandwagon with full force. I would have never made it without her.

A big box of printed books arrived today from the publisher.

So, that project is now marked off my bucket list. Hallelujah.

Quite by accident I started a You Tube channel.
You ask how in the dickens a person does that.... by accident.
Some time back I wanted to post a video to this blog (or maybe it was my FB) and it kept telling me I had to go through YouTube to do it.

So, I posted it on YouTube so I could use the link. And, then I discovered I had a few people that liked my video and then a few more and so I was hooked.

One thing about YouTube, I completely control my posting schedule. I always felt with  blogging that you needed to post frequently and then you needed to check everybody else's blog and leave a message and so it just became overwhelming for me.

I want you to know that I miss you. I will post ever so often. I will check your posts when I can. I will leave a comment when I can but please don't expect a lot out of me. I am just getting old and tired. 😀. 

Oh, good gosh. I sound like I am on death's door. Not true at all. There's some really good LONG LIVING genes in my family so I should just shut up about it. Don't you just hate people that whine? 

So, have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Much Love From Latane


  1. So nice to hear from you, Latane. You have been missed, but no pressure. When you have something to say I'll be tuning in :). Congratulations on finishing your book. That's wonderful and must be a great feeling of accomplishment. I've always admired your blogging capabilities, but a You Tube channel. Wow, you are too cool!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. Hi Latane~

    Just do it the way you want! That's what I've been doing. No Instagram, no FB, no MeWe, no blogging. It's been a lovely break.

    May your Thanksgiving be blessed. 🍂🦃🍂

  3. It's good to put how you feel out there. You are free to do as you please without feeling any pressure. That's a great achievement to have completed and published the updated book.

  4. It is nice to hear from you! I also plan on hanging around for a long time to come:) Enjoy your day dear friend, I hope you have a "Happy Thanksgiving"! HUGS!

  5. Dear Latane -

    I know exactly how you feel about everything you've covered in this post. I'm happy you're OK and planning to live life the best way for YOU right now. I believe we 'elders' are all feeling perhaps not up to par this year, personally I feel I've really aged since COVID commenced - and I have the grey hair to prove it!!!!

    Congrats on the updated book being published - that's an amazing feat and I know your family are so proud of you.

    Stay well and be safe my dear, be happy, and just do what keeps you well and happy.
    Hope to see you here now and then.
    Mary X

  6. I'm so glad I didn't delete your blog on my list. Nice to hear from you again. Sounds like you made good use of your time away. Look forward to your occasional postings on your blog. Good Thanksgiving to you too.

  7. Congratulations on your book -- that's quite an accomplishment and you sure have been busy. Sending all good wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Well done on your book!
    I've noticed a lot of bloggers dropping off the radar. You have to manage your time, for sure!


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