Monday, October 14, 2019

Feeling Optimistic

                                                  I feel like crap this morning! 

That time of year... you know... the ragweed blooming and busting out at the seams and filling the air with all that yucky pollen. 

               But, I did want to check in. Hope you had a great weekend. 

As I have mentioned, our apartment complex was sold several months ago and it's been a slow go getting the new staff all in place and things set in motion. 

I feel so optimistic about our future here now. The previous assistant manager/activity director was generally distrusted and unliked by most everyone. She could be a pain. I got to where I didn't participate in a lot of the activities anymore. And, neither did many others. 

But, we had a chili dinner the other night. (our regular meals are not furnished) and the new staff couldn't have been nicer and filled with all sorts of plans for us. They were asking us what we liked to do, and what they could do to make things better for us. I think I am liking this a whole bunch! And, the fellowship and chili was great, too. 

They are to start redesigning our community room soon, enlarging it so we will have more space. They are going to redo the patio outback (which now is just a concrete slab) and put in a grill and the manager said we'd have get-togethers out there and make s'mores and just have fun. They have already tore up and put down new paving for our hiking area. Before, the paving was cracked and poison ivy was growing across the walkway. 

So, I will keep you posted as we move along with our new apartment progress. Take care. Have fun today and everyday. 


  1. Sounds like the new owners are going to be great. Poison Ivy where you walked? Mercy.

  2. You sound so positive about the future ahead with the new management. Your diary will be full to the brim with social activities. Enjoy.

  3. It sounds like this is such a step up and that things will be much better in the past. I think just consulting the residents is a huge step!

  4. Sounds like things are improving rapidly - I am glad for you, and all the other residents, too.

  5. Wow! The new staff are doing a lot to make things much better for the residents!

  6. Sounds like your place will be a whole lot nicer complex once the impriovements are completed. It's also nice that the new management is checking with residents to get their input. Chili sounds like a great way to start!


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