Sunday, July 11, 2021

"Where Have All The Manners Gone"

 I surprised myself!

That just wasn't me but however I let something really bug me yesterday. 

Was it because 

1. I have less patience for negative thoughts and feelings as I get older?

2. Am I so used to being alone (during this pandemic) that I feel less comfortable around a lot of people?

3. That people in general are much more rude in this day and age?

4. Or have I just become that grouchy old lady I was so afraid of becoming?

What happened was (and this has happened before just recently) that a group of us met in the courtyard to hear a concert. And, I couldn't enjoy the music because of all the talking going on around me. 

The woman sitting next to me asked me, 'What did he say?" and I answered "I have no idea. I couldn't hear him for all the talking going on".

Well, the two women standing just 3-4 feet from me and who was talking overheard me and one turned around and said, 'You should have told us to shut up."

And, by golly, that's what I did!! I told her to shut up.

It just erked me to no end that people are so rude as to talk with a concert is going on. I know, I should have just gotten up and left which I did at another concert when two women were sitting next to me carrying on a conversation. Where have manners gone? 

Okay, got that off my chest! 😁


  1. You are so right. Please and thank you seem to have slipped out of the English language altogether! I am pleased you told her what you thought about the chatting.

  2. Good for you! The fact that she knew better is pretty astounding. Wonder how she responded to being told to be quiet. ☺

    I know that I am becoming a cranky old lady. So many things annoy me these days.

  3. People these days, GEEZ... shaking my head! I don't like that either or that everyone sits with their face in their phones ALL THE TIME with a room full of family or friends! Got that off my chest too:) Enjoy your evening dear friend!

  4. Good for you! People don't just chat, they are so loud now. I am finding people are much more rude. I try to teach my grand children to be courteous and have manners. I like to hear yes mam and sir or no mam and sir. I think on air plane the cell phones should be turned off as I am not interested in hearing what they have to say. I will put out my cell phone basket at the front door for family and friends to leave at gatherings. The young ones need to be involved in these gatherings we have. Oh wow, I feel much better for saying all of this and thank you for listening. I must say there are a lot of old grumpy young people these days too. All this being said, Happy Tuesday, Betsy

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