Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Get-Away


Just checking in. 

That dad gum book is kicking my butt!! 

In the beginning (about the time I paused my blog) I was working on it about 6 hours a day. Now for someone my age who had finally gotten down to just doing what I wanted to... that was a lot! I burned out pretty quickly.  

My daughter and I snuck off to the Hilton at Kitty Hawk, N. C. for a couple days this week. It was badly needed. 

I hit day #100 of being pretty much house-bound this week. But, our beach trip ended up being sort of a dud. 

The caution we are taking to try to stay well kept us pretty isolated. We had an ocean-view room so we did a lot of watching the ocean,

                               We ordered food for our room from the kitchen downstairs. 
                                    I had veggie flat-bread. It was sooo yummy. 

 We did go to a restaurant for lunch as we left.  That turned out to be a bummer. 

So, I am back home typing away... I will be so happy when this thing is finished so I can send it to the publisher. I will try to check in more often now. Miss my blogging buddies. 


  1. Glad you got away for a bit, but it sounds like it wasnt exactly what you wanted. Keep us posted when you are through with the book and know we are here for you.

  2. Well looking at the beach is better that NOT looking at the beach:) Keep at it girl, I know you will be happy to shoot it to the publisher. I just want to be free without worry of this stinkin' virus! HUGS!

  3. You were fortunate to have a getaway Latane - there aren't too many hotels open these days. I'd give anything to see the coastline right now. . . . but not even going to a restaurant yet!
    Was trying to count how many meals I've cooked since lockdown started but have given up! I do enjoy cooking and baking but this is now getting tired - I want to sit somewhere else and be served a meal I didn't have to shop for, prepare, cook, and then wash all those dishes!!!!!
    Hang in there x

  4. Hi Latane, Just visiting - it's fun to read your blog. You're a busy lady. I've had publisher deadlines and can relate to the stress. I can't imagine visiting a hotel and eating out at this point (it seems like forever...). Glad you could get away. Stay well. Barb

  5. Glad to read that you and daughter were able to escape for a mini getaway. We did the same here in NH last weekend and while it was also nice to get out, many activities were not available and that weas a bummer as you said. Welcome back !


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