Thursday, June 4, 2020

I'm A Busy Gal

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages... like 1991... I had a book published. It was about the history of the community of Boldo that my husband grew up in. It was well received and I sold a bunch of books. And, then life happened. 

I was taking care of my Mom (10 years of that) then it was followed by Elbert's Alzheimer's (11 years), his cancer, my cancer etc, etc, etc. I said I'd never do another printing of that book. 

And, then, along comes this 'brilliant' idea of mine. I have all this info on that community and when I am gone, if you didn't get one of my books, it will be gone. So, I decided to do a closed group on facebook just for those interested in the history of Boldo. 

And, lordy mercy, help me. It took off like  wildfire. People were asking where they could get a copy of my book and I'd tell them. 'It's out of print'.  

Well, that daughter of mine! She got to poking around, found my old publisher and put in a call to them. They remembered me and she and Mrs. Gregath had a great conversation. 

The bottom line is.....

I am busy retyping the manuscript and revising the book so that it can go to print by the Fall. Like I said, Lordy Mercy, Help me. 

So, if I float off the blogging charts here and there, just know that I am one very busy gal. Hope to check in with you from time to time, though. Don't forget me! 


  1. We could never forget you! Take time to do your work and pop in when you can! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Good for you. Where is that community?

    1. Boldo is in Walker County, Alabama. Both my husband and I were born in Walker County, he in Boldo , me in another location.

  3. Hey, that's great! I am so glad there are people like you who preserve history.

  4. What a wonderful project for you and don't work too hard:)

  5. I'm so happy for you! Lots to do and you have so much talent! Enjoy it all and come back when you have time! Hugs!

  6. Right on dear lady, you put us to shame!
    I can see you writing a New York Times Best Seller when you turn 90!!!
    Stay well and happy.
    Mary -

  7. Love it! I want to be like you when I grow up! My mother-in-law turns 91 this summer. She lives by herself and still drives, and is as sharp as can be, still. Keeping busy is amazing, and I want to read this book!

  8. Very happy for you. In the crazy times we are in it is great to have a way to be busy. Stay safe.

  9. How exciting for you to have more copies printed and for your book to be in demand. I am writing a little book of our family history.

  10. That is fantastic! Good luck working on the book.


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