Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What Was I Thinking?

Sometime a body ought to listen to their gut instinct. Me? I just about got myself into a dilemma for not listening.

                                   A little background music, if you please..... 

                                      I love being alone. After being married to a wonderful man for 60 years

                                and then having a relationship with another wonderful gentleman for 5 years

                                                                                    (Yes, I am THAT old!)

We gals like that independence! Come and go as we please, eat what we like when we like, stay up all night or go to bed with the chickens. We deserve that time and the freedom. Believe you me, we have earned it. And, man, I was really living life my way and then....

A friend says this guy has lost his wife, he's lonely, he wants someone to just talk to, maybe go out to dinner with....

So, what do I do!!!!!

I called him. After ONE hour and 15 minutes of hearing non-stop about his life-story I ask myself "Girl, what were you thinking?"

                                                               But, I didn't listen to my gut instinct.

I agreed to have lunch with him.

Well, I met him at a restaurant nearby. He's waiting on a bench by the front door.

He struggled to get up, grabbed his cane and hobbled over to me. Way overweight, a scraggly beard and dressed in shorts! Don't get me wrong. Looks shouldn't matter and wouldn't if I couldn't have outrun him... and at 85, that's not fast, believe me. But, when you are asking a lady out for lunch shouldn't you make an effort to look nice? Just asking.

Two hours later after listening to a running commentary of all the jobs he's held, how much work needs done on his house etc, etc, etc, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. 

                                                                 My mind is going ninety to nothing. 

                                                                Shouldjust run out the front door? 

Oh, let me tell you, I was tempted but that's just not me.

So, I walk back to the table, look at my watch and fake a shocked look "Oh, my goodness, I am late. I gotta run."

Oh, but the funniest part is this... he ordered steak. Then he said he couldn't eat it, he'd left his partial dentures at home. Oh My God. If he is trying to impress me it is not happening.

So, Girls, always, always listen to your gut instinct! I think mine was on vacation that day!


  1. Agreed Latane you should always listen to your instincts because in most cases they will not steer you wrong. And being alone is quite different from being lonely and Suspect you are far from lonely.

  2. Sorry Latane, but I couldn't stop laughing when reading this! Sounds like this poor old old guy needs lessons on dress, charm, manners, and how to treat a lady. You were really kind not to just run off. I hope he finds happiness again but I can tell it won't be with you!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. We've all had bad dates, but that sounds like a doozie! Yes, I agree -- for those of us with strong independent streaks, time alone beats time like that any day. It was lovely you didn't leave him, though.

  4. Goodness you must have been two when you got married. Oh, you are 85 that helps explain your resume a little. You sure don't look it. I'll be 80 next month and usually my fix ups my age are looking for a nurse or a purse. You at least got a fun post out of the date.

  5. Oh my goodness, well I will follow your advice. Always listen to your gut instincts. Thanks for the reminder Latane :) It hasn't steered me wrong yet, just have to keep reminding myself and your post did that, with a smile.

  6. Oh my that made me laugh out loud ... thankfully you followed your instinct even if just a little late. Some men, not saying your date is one, but some men think no matter what age, they are a gift & who wouldn't want a piece of that ... Just remember, next time someone wants to fix you up, No is a complete sentence & not the start of a discussion. Happy weekend.

  7. hehehehe, not funny but......a little funny, you are a good story teller!!

    at this point in your life, you don't want/need a man that you have not "molded" yourself. i would stick to being single!!!!

  8. I had to laugh! He sounds like a nightmare and i think you wisely dodged a bullet! You have earned your independence and I’m sure you will not give that away lightly.


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