Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Smell The Roses

I have started having my breakfast on my balcony. Why  haven't I before? One of those dumb things that just didn't occur to me. But, I love it.

It's cool, it's 3 floors up so I get to observe things from a vantage point... and it's my quiet time, just me and my bowl of cereal and a drink. This morning I had water. 

I saw a heron standing very still, watching for his breakfast to come along. I see a neighbor doing her morning walk. I watch a blackbird swooping over some weeds hoping his breakfast is waiting for him.

There is a highway nearby. Thank goodness for that copse of trees that absorbs some of the noise. Traffic was heavy this morning. 

It always is. People rushing to work, to take the kids to school, to go shopping. People just rush, rush, rush

It's so sad that people don't take the time to enjoy the little things! Like having breakfast on their balcony...or their porch or by a swimming pool, just calmly taking in the nature all around. Taking a moment to just BE. 

I used to be like THOSE people! Run, run, run. But, those days are gone. I know now how precious life is. How quickly it is gone. 

I just wish I could instill in those frantic folks some wisdom I was late in learning....

                                                                                   SLOW DOWN

                                                                             SMELL THE ROSES

I think that this picture of the roses pretty much says it all.... a bud about to open.... a full bloom... and one that has past it's prime. 


  1. Great advice Latane, we should all learn to slow down. Eating your breakfast on the balcony sounds idyllic and I enjoyed your description of what you saw. Very nice photos! The yellow rose is gorgeous and I also loved your header shot.

  2. Glad you liked the post about the old cemetery and if you get this way, do visit it! I just know you'll love it. So much peace and beauty and so much history!

  3. I love having breakfast on a porch, patio or balcony. Or just being there any other time when the weather is good and the birds are singing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so far behind -- life threw a curve -- but hope to keep up better!

  4. That looks like a very nice spot for breakfast. Or a book, or lunch or dinner for that matter! Thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to follow yours if you would consider putting up a thing to subscribe by email. Let me know if you do and I’ll be right over! Enjoy your day.

  5. Ah, so much wisdom here! Love the breakfast on the balcony idea! And your planter there is beautiful!

  6. we were so busy back in the day too. i try not to be too hard on myself about that because it was a necessity. weekends, we enjoyed our time off and our time with the kids!! we got new chairs for our deck and i vowed to have my tea outside every day. it has rained every morning since!!! i never have either and i am not sure why, once the rain stops, i'm sure it will be too hot!!

    we gilled dinner last night, then had to eat indoors because it was raining. we have had a lot of rain this june.

    the rose is gorgeous, what a beautiful color...i liked your analogy!!

  7. I think we all regret those busy days which makes the slow ones now so much more valuable. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Oh yes, spend as much time outdoors as you can, especially for meals, snacks, drinks etc. I would be in one of my outdoor spots any time the weather allows EXCEPT at this time of year when I have a problem with mosquitoes! I do have the screened gazebo though and am usually safe there.
    Every time I happen to be on the major thoroughfares in rush hour traffic, I'm so very thankful to be retired - it's just terrible these days, too many cars not enough roads!
    Do you have a favorite cereal Latane? I rarely do cold ones but love oatmeal!

  9. Beautiful photo of your rose. I agree, so much rushing, claiming so busy as though it was an award. Breathe, pause, notice ...

  10. Your new plan to enjoy your breakfast while sitting outside is great, Latane. When we lived in VA, the house had a covered front porch and we would sit there often for dining.

  11. What a quick mind you have!
    The analogy of the roses is perfect.


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