Thursday, February 16, 2023

My Battery Is Run Down!

 Well, of all things! I've been waiting on a doctor appointment date to arrive and today was the day. Got dressed, walked out to the car, turned the key.........and NOTHING. I mean zilch! So, I've had to reschedule my appointment and here I am, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Don't you just hate that!! 

I can't fuss too much at my car. She's been a good one, just perfect for me and she's been faithful for 18 years. You can't beat that with a stick!!

It was the first car that I bought by myself. Son-in-law helped figure out the financial end of it. But, Elbert had Alzhemiers and could no longer take care of things. 

I remember so well him fussing at me about that car! He couldn't figure out how a woman could go down and buy a car. That was the man's job and he'd always taken care of it. I'd go along and give the final approval but he was the car buyer. And, lo and behold, his wife had gone down and bought a car. He argued that I'd gotten it from some shyster who had cheated me out of my money and all sorts of things. 

I just listened and let him talk. You don't argue with an Alzheimer's patient. In a day or two we got in that car and I drove us to the beach. Not a word outta him. 

And, that car has been my 'baby' ever since. 

Well, until this morning....


  1. Hope that getting a new battery will soon mean you and "baby" are on the road again, Latane.

  2. My 'baby' is also 18 years old! It's been a reliable old girl; I think they were made better back then.

  3. Good luck with that! I love your memories. I have a new client who is of a similar sort of mind set!

  4. At least it's just a battery and should be an easy fix.

  5. I hope it's just a battery and a quick fix. I enjoyed your memories too!

  6. Good job on getting the car you did Latane. If it's only the car battery, no worries:) Other than my first car where my dad went with me when I bought a car, I've always had to buy my cars and have lucked out on all my cars except one.

  7. Hope you are a AAA member - and they came quickly to install a new battery! We had to get that done for a granddaughter just last week - all ‘done and dusted’ in an hour right outside her apartment!


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