Sunday, June 13, 2021

More Bad Luck

                                                     Well, what a week!

You remember that I had a tooth that had been looked at and pronounced a 'goner'. 

Then I went to have my teeth cleaned and 'so help me Hannah', they found another cavity underneath one of my crowns. If these cavities don't cease popping up, I am gonna be toothless. That would not be pretty.

I decided to be deadened to have my tooth pulled. You know I was swinging back and forth between that and being put to sleep. The deciding factor was this... I do not do well with medicine. Any kind. I am very sensitive to it and have had trouble in the past with being very slow waking up from being knocked out. 

The last time, I guess the staff thought I needed to be up and out of their way and I was still out, didn't know where I was etc, etc. My daughter said that I kept sliding off the recliner chair thingy they had me in and she'd have to pull me back up. Finally, they came in and told her I was awake enough to leave. It took two people to get me in her car and two to get me to my apartment. I mean I don't do well.

And, I kept thinking about that and it was just weighing on my mind... so I decided I'd just have my jaw deadened. 

Anyway, that's 'the week that was' around here. 


  1. Oh yes, deaden the pain instead of being being given the gas. I never have taken the gas because the first time I was offered the option years ago, I had been sitting in the reception area when a girl who had been given the gas, was crying uncontrollably and I thought. Oh my gosh, is that what happens? ha! The girl insisted to the person who was to drive her home that she didn't know why she was crying but that she couldn't stop. I've never taken the risk and I'm used to the shot to deaden the pain. Sorry to hear about the dentist finding another cavity. I'm in the midst of a dental implant.

  2. Oh my goodness, hope that is the end of the tooth problems. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Oh my, I hope all is well now with your teeth. I was very happy to have a good report at my last routine cleaning and check up!

  4. I am so sorry about your teeth!

  5. Oh blast! It's always something. I can't believe that they sent you home like that the last time you had gas. Poor you and your daughter. It had to be scary for her.. and you.


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