Friday, October 18, 2019


                                                  Last night was
                                           night here at the Commons. 

For those of you just tuning in, The Commons is where I live. It's an apartment complex for 55+ people. Independent living but they do provide some activities for us. And, Bingo is one.

We had a new caller last night who kept things moving along. The old caller liked to stop right in the middle of things and talk about stuff, anything that came to her mind. All we bingo players wanted to do was see if we were going to win that game. 

I did win one game along with two others so we had to split the prize. It's small pickings as it is and to divide it into 3 ways .... well, I got 4 quarters!! ha ha. 

When the staff hosts the Bingo games they give gift cards as prizes and we play for free.

But, this was a resident hosted game last night. We all pay $5 each and the prize money is divided up out of that. 

It's a bunch of old I mean smart people, you know the ones who have been around for awhile and got smart from all their life experiences. 

You'll probably hear a lot about the Commons in my posts. After all, it is where I live. 

                                           Oh, I didn't tell you... 

Late yesterday afternoon I started out the sliding glass doors to go out on my balcony and saw a large bird sitting on the newly mowed area around the pond. I ran to get my camera. I couldn't let this photo opt go by without at least trying.

My hands are not as steady as they used to be. I do have some tremor, not bad but enough to mess up a good clear shot if I am using my camera zoom. So, this picture is a wee bit out of focus ....

       That Hawk was about a block away so I didn't do too badly. 

I love being able to see wildlife around the Commons. I've taken a ton of pictures in my 5 years here. Yep, it was 5 years back in April that I moved in here. Love it. Wish you all could come see me. We'd sit out on the balcony, drink sweet tea, watch for birds and talk about everything.


  1. Well, it sounds like a lovely place to live. I love playing BINGO, win or lose it is still fun. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. I enjoy playing Bingo, too! Once a month a group of us 55+ people get together at a community center. There is no charge to play, and prizes are by donation (but not a requirement to play). I usually donate a few food items each time I go. One man always donates a box of graham crackers, and I have picked that prize myself a time or two when I have won! Other popular prizes are hand lotion, shampoo, puzzle books...
    When two or more folks bingo at the same time, there is a box with numbers 1 to 20. Whoever draws the highest number gets the prize.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, I almost forgot! Great to see the Hawk!

  4. It is so nice to hear that you moved into a retirement community that you love... and that there is wildlife around. I think too many older communities are just brick buildings with no nature, woods, or wildlife around.

  5. Thanks for the invitation. If I lived in your neck of the woods I wouldcertainly stop by for a cuppa. You did well to get your camera in time to snap that hawk. Just can'timagine the thrill l would get seeing it from my window.

  6. Lovely photo! Lucky you to have that opportunity! Have a grand weekend!

  7. Glad you won a bit! And that's a good distance for the hawk! Nice zoom!

  8. The Commons sounds like an ideal place for you to live, especially now that you have big winnings from Bingo, ha ha. I love hawks, that is a good photo.


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