Thursday, December 31, 2020

Football Guide

 My sister is nine years older than me. 

      If I tell you her age, promise you won't figure out how old I am. 

            She's coming up on her 96th birthday. And, just look at her. 

                    She's sharp as a tack, too. 

Well, on most things she is...

We both love to watch college football games. But, of course, with us living abt. 800 miles apart, we don't get to do that together. 

But, come Saturday mornings and my phone rings. It never fails! 

"What time does Alabama play?" she'll ask and as soon as I tell her, she wants to know what station. 

"Oh, wait a minute", she'll say. "Let me get a pen and write that down." And, so I wait and then we continue our conversation. Our tv stations are not the same numbers so I have to be careful and just say CBS or ESPN. She'll find it well enough. 

Then it's "What time does Auburn play? Are they playing today? What station?" and so on. It just makes me laugh. 

Yesterday she wanted to be sure she had all the bowl games lined up so she could watch tomorrow. There are plenty of them!! So, yes, I got The  call....

She has never learned how to use the guide on her television. I guess at that age, she can be forgiven! 

So, I am her personal college football guide. I am going to miss those Saturday morning calls when football is over. 


  1. Obviously, you two have great genes! I think it's cool that you are football fans. Not that I am, but because you would seem the least likely. 😁

  2. I have a sister too. She's younger than me and she still drives me crazy. But I'm glad I've got her. Happy New Year

  3. WE watch too:) Your Sister is beautiful and coming up on 96? WOW! I know you love getting that call! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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