Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Christmas Was Different This Year.

but that was not all bad. It even gave us some new ideas for future get-togethers. 

                                  Here are a few pictures of my Christmas.

I sat and watched Shirley, John and Michael decorate the Dietz Xmas tree. 
So happy I don't have the job of doing that anymore!

Michael and I went back to Alabama for his participation in the Parade of Boats at Joe Wheeler State Park. We were very careful about the Covid threat and made it fine. 

Michael returned to Virginia with me so we could have Christmas together.
I found my apartment complex beautifully decorated! 

Shirley invited Michael and me up for a baking cookie day.
She and I made apple cookies, the guys did their graham cracker box fruit cake. 

After gift opening on Christmas day I got a huge hug from my two kiddos.

On Sunday after Christmas the entire family met for another celebration but I choose to stay home. Too many people for me to feel comfortable with. That was fine. Like I say, it was different this year.

Yesterday, the 29th, Michael and his sweet little doggie, Sadie, headed back to Alabama. 
The three of us had been together for 6 weeks!!

It sure is quiet around here. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful 'different' Christmas! Happy New Year, may 2021 hold much Promise!

  2. sounds like a wonderful "adjusted" christmas!! a pretty tree, yummy looking cookies and your complex looks very nice!!

    it's quite quiet here also!!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Things really are different.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas all the same. You received one thing that I did not. A hug! We aren't doing hugs these days. What a pity!

    After all those wonderful weeks together, it must seem quiet indeed. Here's to another plan for getting together!

  5. What a wonderful time together! I know you enjoyed every minute of your time with your kids, a hug feels good! Enjoy your day dear friend, I am praying that each day of 2021 is better than ALL of 2020. HUGS!


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