Monday, November 11, 2019

Memory of Hubby Making Chief

First of all, just let me say that I am so grateful for all the men and women who have fought in numerous wars to keep us free. God Bless Them All.

and now a memory from my past.

My husband was in the Navy for 22 years, working his way up from Seaman Apprentice to Lt. 

One memory I have is the day he made Chief.  Isn't he handsome in his Chief's uniform?
I just had to say that! he he

We were living on Midway Island and the 4-plex apartments we lived in had the laundry room out back. The road ran between our apartment building and another one. I am setting the scene here.

I am doing a load of laundry when I hear this roar coming up the road. I turn around and it's a Navy Jeep (we didn't have civilian vehicles on the island) and my husband is hanging out the passenger side waving a Chief's hat. He'd gotten his promotion!!

When he came in from work that night he was dressed in his navy work khakis and sporting a box of cigars. He didn't smoke but he was passing those congratulatory cigars out to anyone and everyone. 

He, and the others who had made Chief, had to go through an initiation. Wives weren't allowed. But, a friend saw that I got the photos that were taken that day for the base newspaper. 

First of all they had to go through a mock court martial.
You can tell my hubby is nervous. He's sweating up a storm. Poor baby.

They had to put their clothes on backward and march around the base. Sorry I missed that. 😃

They were made to eat out of a pig trough with all sorts of food poured into it.

They were marched down to the ocean and went through a bunch of stuff there.
I wonder where that picture is? Couldn't find it for this post. 

But, he was so happy to go through all that because he had worked hard to get that Chief's hat. And, I was so proud! 


  1. Thanks to your late husband and all veterans for their service, Latane. And thanks for sharing the photos of his promotion. Both hev and you were obviously deservedly proud.

  2. Thanks to your hubby for his service and to all veterans who helped to keep our country free and who are serving today too. I like the photo of the guys wearing their clothes backwards.

  3. Wonderful story of a man much loved.

  4. Do you know if they still have that type of initiation?

    1. I don't know, Sue. That was so long ago I bet things have changed.

  5. A lovely story to commemorate Veterans' Day! A handsome fellow - what is it about men in uniforms?

  6. Really nice pics, Latane. Thanks for sharing with us. And of course, thanks to your husband for his service.

  7. What a wonderful memory and great pictures! I know he was proud to report his accomplishments to you:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Good pictures of your husband and thanks to him for his service.

  9. I love these photos and your memories. My thanks to your husband (and you) for his service.


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